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Dominika Alexander
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  • Reason of Delay now available on web and mobile
  • If time tracked exceeds time planned users will be asked to provide a reason of delay
  • Reasons of delay can be configured at the organization level
  • BIM - Loading two models on top of each other is now available on production
  • Fixing Document Comparison, now works again when comparing just two documents


Bim Viewer

  • Added possibility to load another xkt model into the scene from BIM Fonn documents
  • Fixed app crashes when opened the 3d models in the documents viewer
  • Fixed web app crashes when the user navigated from the document displayed in the multiple bim models mode to another document and changes the tab in the right sidebar.
  • Fixed web app crashes when the user tried to select a different document from the documents list during the Xeokit X-ray tools are selected.
  • Fixed deselecting all objects in the 3d viewer which didn't hide all objects in the viewer


Budget Management

  • Changed packages sorting to alphabetical ASC - it's ID (guid) ASC today


  • Fixed displaying Pie chart when the todayPlannedProgress is null.


  • Added starting to download zip file, visible for user right after it's received by SignalR message
  • Added message informing about cancelling operation during page leave on Documents
  • Disallowed creation of private child folders in the public sub-folder in the organization document folder templates.
  • Fixed lack of extensions in file names in the multifiles upload modal.
  • Fixed comparing two Documents
  • Bugfixes

Feature flag

  • Added a Xeokit feature flag to manage by System Admin


  • Build tree-view component for folders for left pane in Documents (Feature Flag)

Personal notifications

  • Implemented UI for Notifications management in user personal settings (Feature flag)


  • Fixed missing planned start date on the checklist reports.
  • Fixed missing work spec costs section on the work spec reports.
  • Fixed missing timestamps with usernames under images in the Single Checklist Reports
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed not disappearing upload window


  • Fixed the possibility to upload the document with slashes in the name, into the submittal.


  • Fixed possibility to add multiple comments by clicking the "save" button multiple times before the button disappears.

Time Card

  • Added visibility of archived delay reason types
  • Added selection list of Reason Of Delay instead of plain text on checklist item
  • Added selection list of Reason Of Delay instead of plain text on Time Card view
  • Included Reason for Delay in TC project/org reports
  • Changed sorting of org time cards
  • Added Code to Time Classifications (not visible to users yet)
  • Bugfixes

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