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Dominika Alexander
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:star2:Customer Highlights:
  • Annotations on documents in RFI is now possible for creator and approver
  • Time Cards - Time classification can now be edited
:bug:Selected Bug fixes:
  • Users can again switch public root folder to private
  • Fixed the “canSetAsPrivateFolder”, and “canSetAsPublicFolder” permissions which in the org panel’s default folders template builder.
  • Fixed lack of inheritance from the root parent into the child folders in the organization’s default folders builder.
  • Fixed missing visibility of comments when changing Task status




Bim Viewer

  • Added the advertisement of xeokit IFC viewer instead of "Preview is not available" text.
  • Fixed sporadic transfer of pins from the previous documents to another document
  • Fixed 3D model displayed as "squeezed" in the webview of the xeokit bimviewer
  • Fixed need for manual reload after the pin deletion for the deleted pin to disappear in xeokit viewer
  • Fixed BCF import which wasn't creating new task pins on the IFC models.



  • Fixed Link to Documents Checklist folder on Checklist view
  • Fixed visibility of planned start/end date labels on the checklist's parent headers, although the dates aren't set


  • Implemented progress bar for chunk uploading in RFI Submittals and tasks
  • Fixed lack of document visibility for users without an organization
  • Fixed ZIP file buffering during download
  • Hidden unnecessary options when XeoKit is disabled for organization
  • Bugfixes


  • Added opening files it in an aside modal (feature flag)


  • Refactored Form filler code so it would be possible to separate out saving mechanism from refreshing in order to implemented proper background auto-save without breaking preview, print and complex fields.

Notifications improvements

  • Fixed lack of email notification for unassigned task member that is no longer responsible for the task.

Private folders

  • Allowed switching from public root folder to private root folder
  • Fixed the "canSetAsPrivateFolder", and "canSetAsPublicFolder" permissions which weren't respected in the org panel's default folders template builder.
  • Fixed lack of inheritance from the root parent into the child folders in the organization's default folders builder.

Project members

  • Fixed misplaced the "archived" pill in the task "assigned by" section
  • Fixed missing archived pill on archived users in the Submittal drafts.
  • Fixed not centered user groups label on the project members column.


  • Extended org reports validity links to 30 days
  • Fixed failing Checklist reports on particular projects.
  • Fixed lack of auto-reload on report hub after report generation was finished
  • Fixed visibility of only English US translations for the checklist item statuses on the daily/weekly/custom reports.
  • Bugfixes


  • Added possibility for RFI Submitter or Approver to open any document attached to RFI in aside modal and be able to add annotation (text, shapes, measurements etc)
  • Fixed possibility to rename the file when the upload process has started in RFI/Submittals/Tasks
  • Fixed closing file upload modal when clicking anywhere outside of the upload modal in RFI/Submittals/Tasks
  • Fixed lack of possibility to submit the submittal/RFI while the documents are uploaded.
  • Added redirect to RFI list after user with contributor/client/supplier role will change submitter from yourself to other user and is no longer entitled to see RFI
  • Fixed lack of possibility to send RFI when uploading document is in progress
  • Fixed visibility of provided and submitted answers for a submitter who is not a creator of RFI and has the contributor/client/supplier role



  • Fixed duplicated file extension on the submittal/RFI uploaded documents list Webhooks
  • Fixed not working event - the "document_updated" which wasn't triggering the webhook request.


  • Fixed missing visibility of comments when changing Task status
  • Fixed possibility for Contributors and suppliers to remove the documents uploaded when permission was set to true
  • Fixed visibility of user details in the task comment section after reloading the page.

Time Card

  • Added acceptance of non-integer timePlanned values
  • Added possibility to edit Time Classification
  • Included time classification Code in TC project/org reports
  • Allowed contributor to see only his hours on CL item time cards section
  • Fixed visibility of timecard for Employee who does not belong to organisation
  • Bugfixes

Time Card API

  • Added additional webhooks to these that can be enabled in org settings
  • Updated web hooks portal to include new
  • Exposed time classification endpoint in Ext API
  • Exposed TC API method for time cards data retrieval

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