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Sharing Forms

  • Org admins can now specify on individual form templates which email accounts receive emails with submitted forms
  • User filling out forms can now share a in-progress form with another user. This user can update information, and submit the forms. This feature allows for users to collaborate on forms
  • Upon submitting forms user can select to notify specific project members on submission

Personal Notification Settings

  • Now enabled for all users (feature flag removed)
  • Added in multiple new notifications related to issues, documents, change requests

Project URL Integration (One Drive)

  • You can configure the project integration to link with a wide variety of URLs


  • Tasks now make the distinction between date task was marked closed and date task was actually completed

Scope of Works

  • You can now set scope of works start date in the past in the project settings

Organization Report

  • Expanded organization report to include additional columns and more unique ID's to make it easier to run reporting (Power BI)
:bug:Selected Bug fixes:
  • Fixed inheritance of cloning properties for other Fields in Forms if a field has cloning enabled
  • Fixed issue with sending email notifications with large forms





  • Added possibility to set up/change checklist start date to date in the past in project setting


  • Fixed "Use new documents" button caused the buttons for folder creation and document upload to be removed from the view when the documents/folders list had more than 30 items to render
  • Bugfixes

External API

  • Fixed external api which didn't return the "hoursPlanned" and "hoursSpent" decimal values, it rounded the values up instead


  • Updated folder icons for new folder types
  • Added switch between Folders and Folders 2.0 (feature flag)
  • Bugfixes

Form builder

  • Added possibility for org admin to define who is going to be always notified about forms submitted from given template


  • Added possibility for making form public to allow other project member to fill the same form draft
  • Increased Fonn logo size in forms
  • Added possibility to notify selected project member when submitting a Form
  • Fixed inheritance of cloning properties for other Fields in Forms if a field has cloning enabled
  • Fixed "Select members" button on the Member picker on a form instance which was partially hidden for some devices
  • Fixed "preview" and "delete" buttons In Polish, Swedish, Spanish and Norwegian languages which were squished together into one column instead of being displayed next to each other
  • Fixed issue with sending email notifications with large forms
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed change request description field which was missing translation
  • Fixed duplicated issue entries when solving the issue


  • Fixed links from the issues e-mail notifications which were redirecting to the react version of the app, which caused an error
  • Fixed few Issue notifications which weren't received on the e-mail box
  • Fixed email notification which wasn't received when any user on the notification list had the en-GB language set

One Drive

  • Updated OneDrive setting in Integrations tab to be configurable for other integrations

Personal Notifications

  • Added new email notifications to existing events for issues
  • Added new email notifications to existing events for documents
  • Added new email notifications to existing events for change requests
  • Added email notification when checkbox to notify users upon document/revision upload is marked


  • Fixed error thrown when changing the organization report scheduled time after switching report on
  • Fixed visibility of issues on reports for Users who don't have access to that issues
  • Fixed Internal Server Error when user tries to send a Time Card report to email
  • Fixed redirect to the task on the single checklist report which was redirecting users to my tasks section instead of the task directly
  • Fixed missing CRs with budget =0 on the reports
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed width of the RFI external followers and answers sections which was dependent on the number of followers


  • Added possibility to provide completion date upon completing task with an option to edit later
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed missing translation for MM


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