Collaborating and Submitting Forms

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
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If you'd like to share your form with specific members, even the ones that don't have an account in Fonn, you can do it with our new feature that makes the process of sharing and collaborating on forms much easier.

Go to Organization>Form section:



Select any example Form, and click on "Edit":


Now you're able to find "Send submitted to" option. This feature enables the sending of forms to external email addresses, making it easy to distribute forms to the appropriate parties. Furthermore, forms can be configured at the organizational level and filled out at the project level, ensuring that submissions are sent to the correct email addresses.



Another new feature is the ability to clone fields on forms, making it easy to add multiple observations or actions:



Additionally, users can now assign tasks related to forms, such as "fill in and review," and give other project members access to collaborate on the form:


Finally, a multiple signature feature has been added, allowing multiple users to sign off on a form, adding an extra layer of accountability and collaboration. Overall, these new features provide users with more control and flexibility when working with forms and make it easier to collaborate and share information with others.


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