1.121 [16th February 2023]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
  • Updated
:star2: Customer Highlights:
  • Added a new icon that indicates if a photo is missing geolocation data
  • Added RFI to the Organization Report where it will be presented as a new tab in the excel spreadsheet
  • Company details related to a user is now viewable in issues
:bug: Selected Bug fixes:
  • Fixed and reenabled submittal reminder push notifications
  • Fixed adding project number to project name when renaming project with project number already added 
  • Fixed the need to click the "back" button in the browser twice to get out of the top-level project group
  • Fixed missing overdue indicator on In progress task status




  • Removed non PM/Supervisors ability to see check-in information of other users



  • Fixed luck of possibility to add tasks to workspec item by member outside



  • Fixed visibility of costs for spectator on workspec item



  • Removed the pins toolbar from the xeokit viewer in the organization documents.
  • Bugfixes


Documents notifications

  • Fixed for empty project members list when notifying about the document in public folders
  • Bugfixes


Drawings Documents

  • Backend for documents drawings metadate extraction


External API

  • Added images and thumbnail description of properties in endpoint definition of an Issue Entry payload


Folders 2.0

  • Added search in all documents and in current folder


Form Builder

  • Fixed inconsistency in form template "description" and "name" fields characters limits between creation and editing



  • Fixed white stripe which was rendered on the form preview when limited numbers of fields are available
  • Bugfixes


Forms in SoW

  • Added API to forms in SoW


Geolocation on photos

  • Added different icon based on geolocation data availability (rejected or unavailable)



  • Added the company details of the user in issues system entries
  • Fixed Seen by indicators on Issue chat
  • Bugfixes



  • Stopped sending emails to users that triggered the action
  • Fixed RFI reports e-mail notification which had the wrong format date
  • Fixed and reenabled submittal reminder push notifications
  • Fixed missing organization logo on E-mail notifications



  • Disabled pdf tron Pins for extension different than PDF, IFC

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