1.127 (May 11th 2023)

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
  • Updated
:star2: Customer Highlights:
  • Added Organization toggle to prompt all Organization members to allow localization on their phones when they take photos without localization enabled. Without localization enabled photos they take with Fonn will not have geolocation data and won't be compliant with Part L
  • Added mandatory member picker field in Forms
  • Improved sorting of search results in SoW where items are sorted by index
:bug: Selected Bug fixes:
  • Org. admins can add members to their org. who are already members of a different org




Bim Viewer

• Fixed displaying drag and drop modal when clicking on the xeokit viewer map and moving the mouse



• Fixed notifying users about uploaded document(s)

• Bugfixes


Geolocation on photos

• Added Organization toggle for enforcing localization



• Fixed issue chat input field which didn't get back to its original (single row) size after sending a multi-line message



• Added mandatory member picker field in Forms



• Fixed incorrect pin placing on documents

• Fixed redirection between pin and tasks


Project Members

• Fixed possibility for project owner to change role of himself, which shouldn't be possible



• Added label for Blocked user on RFI


Scope of Works

• Fixed auto scrolling issues with scope of works

• Improved sorting of search results in SoW



• Fixed "expand/collapse" button of the left sidebar menu displayed over "Settings" and "Localization" options on the Tasks page



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