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Einar Austlid
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What is the Tripletex integration against Fonn?

The Tripletex integration makes it so that when you set up new projects in Tripletex, the project information is sent to Fonn so that a corresponding project is created for your organization in Fonn.

Currently this integration will create projects in Fonn for all projects created in Tripletex. But we are looking into giving you an option when creating in Tripletex to also create a project in Fonn.

Until then, the integration has to be turned off when creating Tripletex projects that should not be created in Fonn, or the Fonn project should be deleted afterwards.


Activation of Tripletex must be done by Fonn. So contact your customer contact, or use the chat, and say that you want to use the Tripletex integration.

The integration is then activated for your organisation, and you can continue with the steps below to set up the integration.



The setup of the integration requires that you are org. admin in Fonn.
If you are org. admin you will have a button to the left of your name and email where it says Organization in Fonn.
If you are not org. admin, you must contact someone who is for your organisation.

1. Click on Organisation to open the Organisation panel

2. Select Integrations and then Available Integrations

3. Tripletex should now be in the list, with the text Not configured.

4. Go to Tripletex and log in.

5. Select Integrations in the list, search for Fonn

6. Click Activate, accept the agreement and click Add

7. Fonn will then open in a new tab in the browser, where you confirm that you want to activate the integration.

8. The integration is now activated and configured for your organization.

9. You can now test the integration by creating a new project in Tripletex, and see that a corresponding project is created in Fonn automatically.

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