1.130 [June 22nd 2023]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
:star2: Customer Highlights:
  • Added possibility for PM or Supervisor to manage additional project and client contacts in the project settings. This becomes extremely useful when paired with the option to send all submitted forms in a project to project contact and client contact.
  • Users can now update a cover image for a project group
:bug: Selected Bug fixes:
  • Fixed red dots which didn’t show up for sub-folders until the structure was expanded in tree structure
  • Fixed partial visibility of bottom document in the grid view
  • Fixed issue of red dots (unread label) in tree structure not appearing at root level




• Allowed PMs and Supervisors to manage all annotations

• Fixed glitches on modal when clicking the "Upload date" on a document's revision while in comparison mode

• Fixed possibility for User to remove the document's revision while comparing them

• Fixed Blueprints which didn't open on iOS devices

• Bugfixes



• Fixed visible buttons "Read metadata" AND SAVE on Drawing Document Tab for Spectators


External API

• Added support for having multiple webhook types triggered by the same event

• Added new webhooks with information about SoW related entities


Folders 2.0

• Added refreshing left tree when operations on directory contents are made

• Fixed not visible document on the bottom in new document viewer

• Fixed red dots which didn't show up for sub-folders until the structure was expanded in tree structure


Form Builder

• Added possibility for Form Template editor to publish edited form directly from the Template details view



• Added a conditional label under a submit button when submitting a form based on the form template privacy setting.

• Executed migration to introduce new form folder types

• Fixed not sending any emails when form was submitted and when Client data was not filled out, and "Send submitted form to client in project" was checked

• Fixed 500 error thrown when submitting a form with the "Send submitted forms as email to client in project" option enabled, although the client details were not given in the project



• Fixed renaming the Scope of Works item title from the Gantt chart which didn't update the title

• Fixed creating a day between the items on Gantt chart

• Fixed resizing of left columns on Gantt


Multiple Contact Person

• Added possibility for PM or Supervisor to manage additional client contacts

• Added possibility for PM or Supervisor to manage additional project contact


New Project Creation

• Fixed possibility to create the project with spaces in the required fields in the project creation form


New Scope of Works Improvements

• Fixed possibility for Client and Spectator to see the history log of Scope of Works items Notifications

• Fixed receiving notifications on project set to 'IGNORE' Organizational Project Groups

• Added possibility to add hero image to project group and displaying it on a tiles Pins

• Fixed lack of possibility to create the public issue while creating an issue pin with "Create new issue" tab selected


Private Forms

• Updated Icon for Private Forms (PDF) folder to Include Padlock Icon to indicate privacy


Project Groups Improvements

• Fixed misleading label informing about the required resolution when uploading the group image

• Fixed possibility for user to see projects and project groups he is blocked from Project improvements

• Fixed possibility for User to enter text values into the "LATITUDE (N/S)" and "LONGITUDE (W/E)" input fields in React project settings



• Exposed endpoint returning user permissions for executing specific report types based on his role

• Fixed broken and transferred to the second page images on an issue report when many pictures are uploaded to a single message in the issue chat


Scope of Works

• Fixed unexpected toast message in Scope of work for client and spectator

• Fixed possibility to verify work spec items as Contributors

• Fixed ignored Part-L Descriptions



• Rewritten project setting details tab to react and set as default

• Fixed possibility to add whitespace in contact person name and surname

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