1.140 [November 9th 2023]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
  • Updated
:star2: Highlights:
  • Adding actual capture date and upload time in SoW items. We now distinguish between time a photo was taken, and time it was uploaded in SoW items
  • We’ve added the mini org logo to Project Groups to easier know which organization a group belongs to
  • Add line break capability to form cloneable text areas so that formatting of text is presented in the same way as it was filled in form filler 
  • We now allow for more characters in lat long entry 
:bug: Selected Bug fixes:
  • Uploading images to a specific form adds blank pages at the document’s beginning 
  • Electronic Crew/Check-ins report (PDF) shows city name twice 
  • Org. logo blocks long project address’ on Report Front Page 

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