1.139 [November 16th 2023]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
:star2: New:
  • Auto completion of SoW items while using offline mode action view (iOS & Android)
  • Instant saving of online actions in SoW to offline database. Meaning any action done while online will immediately be available in offline mode. (iOS & Android)
  • Pins will no longer sometimes be created out of bounds on PDF documents (iOS)
  • Using the back button from a form will now always open the form list, instead of project front page (Android)
  • Additional logging in Crashlytics, allowing us to get more information from user crashes to contiually improve the Fonn app (iOS)
  • Tapping on an Issue entry on the Notification screen now redirects the user to the actual issue, instead of issue details screen. 

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