1.140 [November 30th 2023]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
:star2: New:
  • You can now see revision information on all versioned documents (iOS & Android)
  • Green checkmarks when mandatory SoW item resources, such as required image or comment, has been added (iOS & Android)
  • User is now taken to login screen after successfully reseting password (Android)
  • User can now edit description of older document revisions (Android)
  • User no longer sees "How to get started" screen after using "JOIN ALL" button to join multiple projects (Android) 
  • Using the Back-button in a form will now open the form list instead of project overview (Android)
  • Opening a revisioned document in advanced viewer will now always open the correct version (iOS)
  • User can now edit pin size on documents (iOS)

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