1.143 [December 21st 2023]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander

⭐️ Highlights:

  • Boligmappa v2!
  • Boligmappa are shutting off access to their old API in January, and we have upgraded our integration to transition to new API.
  • Boligmappa users will be informed about how to transition from old to new via targeted in-app banners and emails.
  • Tables in Forms - Users now have the ability to create a table in forms. See video below
  • Document uploaders can now select individual users to be notified about a new uploaded document
  • We introduce the new organization role - GuestA guest is a user who is a member of a project owned by an organization, but is not a an organization admin, nor an organization member. Guests can be added to the organization as members and admins as long as they are not a member or admin of another organization.
  • More to come here as we will later be adding in default user group to guest users in the organization
  • Updated login page with SSO option tied directly to normal login screen

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