1.145 [February 1st 2024]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
  • Updated

⭐️ Highlights:

  • Huge update to user groups!
  • Users can now be assigned a default user group at the organization level. This also includes organization guests which can now have a default user group in the organization.
  • Project Managers can still modify the user’s user group at the project level if they want to change it from the default user group
  • Currently, a user can only have one user group in any given project, and one default user group in the organization
  • In addition, we have removed the feature flag for all organizations allowing org admins now to set which user groups will have access to folders in the default folder structure unlocking more scalable permission management
  • Forms update
  • Added new field Description which allows for static text to be viewed in form filler and supports line breaks
  • In projects forms can now be sorted by last edited
  • Issues update
  • Fonn now shows who created issue, and which users have viewed the issue
  • SoW Update
  • Users can now download the original image from SoW item with all metadata (EXIF) retain

🐛  Selected Bug Fixes:

  • Table form field and multiple signature will not update when edited in form builder

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