1.148 [March 14th 2024]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander

 ⭐️ Highlights:

  • Major BIM updates
  • Clicking on a pin zooms users into its location in the model, so it is easier to understand where this pin is placed
  • Update and enable new converter, and fixed issues related to window transparency, distorted models
  • Change default configuration so that fit to container is enabled by default, making it easier to navigate in BIM Models upon opening
  • Change default configuration so that BIM viewer by default doesn’t show floor plan so that users have more space to view the model. Floor plan can of course still be toggled on
  • User Groups
  • Org admins can now assign user group from the organization members view. See image.
  • User will then be default assigned to said user group in all existing and new projects in the organization
  • Project Managers may still edit a member’s user group at the project level
  • Added ability to assign slug to user group, this slug will be used in Scope of Work templates to assign user groups to SoW items
  • Added support to storing file types nc, nc1, nc2, cnc, tap, gcode

 🐛 Selected Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue when useer tried to download images in Scope of Works 

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