1.149 [March 28th 2024]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander

⭐️ Highlights:

  • Removal of old SoW Importer and Exporter
  • Users can now assign a user group to SoW items via import
  • Updates to the "To Do" Section (bell)
  • We now show all items falling due within 30 days for SoW items, issues, and tasks
  • Notification for issues you are assigned to as responsible now appear in the To Do

 🐛 Selected Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with form formatting in Horizontal text input 
  • Opening 'tasks' view in a project uses wrong default filters 
  • Not all items and chapters are showing in SoW when searching for plots
  • Load more button doesn't retrieve next page of results in scope of works search

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