1.150 [April 11th 2024]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander

 ⭐️ Highlights:

  • Updates to New Scope of Work
  • Improved SoW filters! You can now filter by user group in addition to responsible user
  • Free text search is also back in new Scope of Works
  • Users can now download images attached to Scope of Works in full original resolution and also with any meta-data
  • History log is back allowing users to see all events that occurred in a SoW item
  • Time cards functionality is now added to new SoW
  • Task permission update
  • Clients now only see tasks that they are assigned to or created @Erik Nilsen @Alyda @Henriette Krey

 🐛 Selected Bug Fixes:

  • Uploading a document, and navigating to any other react section during the upload, doesn’t display a prompt or cancels the upload, and redirects the user back to the documents page after completion


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