1.151 [April 25th 2024]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander

 ⭐️ Highlights:

  • Updates to user interface in New Documents
  • We’ve added in thumbnails so that users can now more easily preview documents 
  • We’ve made the left hand side bar configureable - users can now adjust size of the folder hierarchy to their liking
  • New Scope of Works
  • Reintroduction of relevant URL and “not applicable” status
  • Fonn now remembers your sizing of configurable components so that you SoW looks the same when you jump from project to project.
  • Forms now appear as an aside-modal in SoW so users can fill in forms in the context of the SoW
  • Reports generation is now available at the chapter level allowing users to easily generate detailed or simple reports from the context of a chapter or sub-chapter

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