1.153 [May 23rd 2024]

Dominika Alexander
Dominika Alexander
  • Updated

 ⭐️ Highlights:

  • Labels are now available in SoW 
  • Labels allow users to easily categorize items in scope of work. This extremely useful when there are relationships between items that exist under different chapters. Labels exist at both the organization level, where you can define standards, but also at the project level where you can create project specific labels.
  • Labels need to be turned on by system admins for organizations
  • Drawing log report PDF - When producing the document log report in a drawings folder, user will now get additional drawing data in the report 
  • Forms & Images useability improvement - Images are now uploaded to the form after selection simplifying the flow. “Upload” button which caused confusion is now removed
  • Tables now have 7 columns to represent the seven days of the week 
  • Updates to to-do section (Bell icon) - We now show due date for all items 

 🐛 Selected Bug Fixes:

  • The time zones (Uk) for check in's does not match the hours the report generates.
  • Check-ins page and check-ins report are now displayed in project time-zone regardless of user’s time zone. 

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