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Documents Bin

Your go-to hub for viewing and restoring files,folders, and revisions within projects. Project Managers andSupervisors have full visibility and restoration capabilities, while otherroles can only access and restore their own deletions.


Organisation Folder

This folder serves as a centralized repository for documents accessible across all projects, saving time on repetitive uploads. If you click on it, you will be able to see two tabs: Public and Internal. In the "Public" tab, documents are accessible to all, while the"Internal" tab limits access to Admins and Organisation Members.


Drawings folder

Organize and access drawings in a dedicated folder, and facilitate the reading of drawings metadata, with a simplified grid view for easy visualization of drawing and document details.

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Drawings metadata

This section handles the specifics of the drawing module and the associated metadata. It provides tools to upload, update, and manage drawing files efficiently. Within this section, you can view drawing details and extract metadata to streamline project documentation.





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