How do I update my old Scope of Works template to the new format?

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Einar Austlid
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The 29th of March 2021 we updated to a new Scope of Works Template in version 1.74. This update requires existing old templates be updated to the new format in order to be uploaded. 

Any Scope of Works created or downloaded after version 1.74 will not require any action. 


There are two ways of getting your existing Scope of Works up-to-date

#1 - Downloading your Scope of Works templates from Fonn

#2 - Updating an existing .xlsx Scope of Works template with new headers


Downloading your Scope of Works templates from Fonn

Downloading your existing Scope of Works from Fonn will automatically give you the correct headers for your Scope of Works template. This method requires that the Scope of Works template you want to edit has already been uploaded to Fonn at some point.

Follow these steps to download the new version of your Scope of Works templates

1. Sign in to a Fonn account with Administrator rights to your Org. and click the Organization button.


2. Select Scope of Works - Templates from the navigational menu


3. Find the template you want to download a new version of, click the three dots and select Export.


4. The downloaded .xlsx file will contain the new headers, and you can make adjustments to the template like you would regularly do.mceclip4.png

The new template contains more options for translations, but it is not required that you input any data in the new fields. 



Updating an existing .xlsx Scope of Works template with new headers

If your Scope of Works template is already uploaded to an org. it is adviced you follow the steps above to get a new version of the template. 
If your template is only stored locally, this section will get your template up-to-date and ready for import.

1. First, you will need a file containing the new headers which can be downloaded at the bottom of this help article.


2. Open the file you downloaded in step 1, and open your existing template with the old headers.


3. Copy the data from the first row which matches with the old format. 
For example you will copy Name (en-US) from the new template, and paste it over en-US from the old format. 


4. Repeat this for all names and descriptions. You will not need to replace fields not containing a language indicator, such as Start Date delay in days, etc. 


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