What can I do in organization settings?

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Einar Austlid
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In the organization settings you can make changes to all projects within the organization.
Changes made here will be default for all new projects created as part of the organization, but can be overwritten within each project manually.


Finding the organization settings

To access organization settings you need to be an admin of an organization. 
If you are, you can access the settings like this:

1. Click on the Organization panel on the top.


2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side, click Settings, and choose either General or Features.




In this section, you will be able to modify the name, timezone, and currency for your organization. Additionally, you can decide to upload a picture or your organization's logo.





In this section, you can decide to turn on certain features, or aspects of certain features. Here you can:

  • Allow offline mode for projects
  • Allow organization admins and members to be added to projects by default
  • Enable forms and budget management for all projects
  • Enable change requests and decide to include VAT
  • Enable check-ins and turn on the ability to show the exact location of a user's check-in
  • Set issues as private by default
  • Enable Submittals for your projects and decide to limit access for clients
  • Enable RFIs and select a default due date


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