How can I contact Customer Support?

Alyda Waterworth
Alyda Waterworth
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Need Help / Support

If you need help or have a question regarding Fonn, you can get in touch through the following:


1. 24/7 Chat  mceclip0.png

You can click the Chat icon on any screen whilst using Fonn on the web browser.

1. Simply fill out a few details
2. Click ‘Start Chat’
3. A member of support will then assist you as necessary.



2. For help via the app:

1. Click this icon mceclip3.png

2. Select ‘Help’

3. Click this icon mceclip2.png

4. Fill out the chat information

5. A member of support will then assist you as necessary



3. Phone

Fonn Support Norway: (+47) 948 123 12

Fonn Support UK: (+44) 0800 520 016

Fonn Support US: (+1) (888) 418-1995

Opening Hours:
24/7 - 7 days a week



4. Email

Fonn Support Norway:

Fonn Support US:

Fonn Support UK: 






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