How can I filter / change view of my projects?

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How to filter projects


You can choose your filter in the project overview by selecting the Filter drop-down menu.

This will provide you with four options to update the visibility of your projects for your preference.


1). Only Watched 

You can see only watched projects as you mark them as "watched". 
You will not see projects which are set as "Ignored"


2). Show All 

You can see all projects that you are a member of.


3). Hide Groups

You can not see groups, all projects which are usually placed inside one of these project groups will be shown outside of their respective groups.


5). Hide Completed

Projects marked as completed will not be shown


How to change the project view


The placements and structure of the projects can be altered to reflect your preferences. To do this simply click on the highlighted area with the square tile and list icons.



List View:

Displayed as a list format:



Checkered view:

Displayed as tiles:



You can alter and change the view at any time by using the same process, dependant on how you would like your projects to be presented on your homepage.




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