How do I generate, fill out, and locate forms?

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Einar Austlid
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- Generate

- Fill out

- Locate


Generating a form


1. Open the project where you want to fill out the form



2. In the navigation menu, click on Forms



3. Inside the Forms window, click the Fill in form button next to the template you want to use


4. Give your form a name, and click Save




Filling out the form


1. After selecting which template to use and giving it a name, you will see an empty form ready to be filled out


The different inputs here will vary based on which template you selected in the previous steps.



2. Once you have filled out the form, you have a number of options

- Preview

This will let you preview how the filled in form will look once it has been submitted, without actually submitting it.


- Print

Download a PDF version of your form. Before hitting print, you should click the Save draft button first, so the PDF includes any inputs you might have made.


- Save draft

Saves all your inputs in the form, without converting it to a PDF. This allows you to save the form without locking in your inputs.
After saving as draft, a new Edit button will appear where the preview button was earlier. Click the Edit button to continue filling out your form.


- Submit document

Locks the form and turns it into a PDF document, located in the document folder Forms (PDF) in the project where you generated the form.
After submitting a form, you are no longer able to make changes.


- Attach images

Attach additional images to your form, without the need for a separate Image upload field on your forms.




Locating your Forms

Locating a draft

1. Open the project you created the form in, and select Forms in the navigation menu



2. Click on the name of the template you used


3. Find your Form in the list, and click Edit

4. From here you can keep filling it out, or submit the form. Submitting the form will make it show up in the Forms folder.



Locating a submitted form

1. Open the project you created the form in, and select Documents in the navigation menu


2. Find a folder named Forms (PDF), and a subfolder which has the same name as the template you selected for your form


3. Inside you will find all submitted forms using this template, saved as a regular PDF. Ready to be used in any way you seem fit.

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