How can I view 3D models in Fonn?

Einar Austlid
Einar Austlid
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Fonn is at the forefront of advancing Building Information Modeling (BIM) by seamlessly importing Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files. With this feature, Fonn simplifies the integration of 3D models and project data, enabling construction professionals to collaborate, detect clashes, track progress, and visualize projects in real-time. Fonn's commitment to IFC compatibility enhances BIM excellence, making it a game-changing solution for streamlined and data-driven construction processes.


To view your ifc files in Fonn, follow these steps:


1. Open the project where you want to view the model


2. Click Documents


3. Click a folder where it should be uploaded


4. Click + Add document


5. Select the ifc file you want to upload


6. Give the application a couple of minutes to convert the file into a viewable 3D model


7. You can now navigate freely through the model, and select parts from the list.


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