What is available in offline mode?

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Einar Austlid
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Features that are available in offline mode:

- Marked projects
- Issue creation in marked projects
- Marked documents

Offline mode requires your organization to allow projects being used while offline.To allow projects to be available offline, you can go to Organization, select the Features tab under Settings, and click the “Offline mode” checkbox.

Marking a project as available offline

1. Enter the project in the mobile application.


2. Click the gear icon to enter options.Screenshot_20190925-143836_Fonn.jpg


3. Turn the Make available offline switch to on.


4. The project will now be available to view while not connected to the internet. 
You can confirm the project is available offline by the checkmark on the right side of the project name.



Creating an issue while in offline mode

1. Enter a project that is available offline, in the mobile application.


2. Go into Issues, and click the plus-icon to create a new issue



3. Enter information about the issue, as with a normal issue. Click the checkmark to add the issue.



4. While in offline mode, the issue will be queued.



5. As soon as an internet connection is established, the issue will be added to the project.




Marking documents as available offline

1. Enter a project marked as available offline in the phone application, while you are connected to the internet.


2. Find a document you want to be available in offline mode.



3. Click the three dots on the right side of the document. Select Make available offline from the menu.
You will get a message telling you the document is available while offline.



4. While in offline mode, enter the project containing the document you marked for offline mode. Enter documents.



5. Click the Show button, as shown in the image above. This will present you with a list of all documents marked as available in offline mode.



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