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Einar Austlid
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  1. - After the contract has been signed
  2. - After the organisation has been created
  3. - Adding additional members to the organisation
  4. - After the organisation setup has been completed

1). After the contract has been signed:

Fonn accounts are created at

The first step to getting your Fonn organisation up and running is creating a Fonn account for the admin user and administration personnel.
Fonn accounts are created at

Once the account has been created, the organisation account must be created by Fonn.
(Please contact your Fonn representative, with the name and email of the account who should be the owner of the organisation, as well as the preferred name of your organisation).


2). After the organisation has been created

When the organisation has been created and the administrator has been added, the Organisation button will be visible when logging into the account:

This is where you can change the different settings in your organisation. 

It is mandatory to first fill in your billing information for the organisation. This will enable invitations in all future projects in the organisation:

1. Click the Organization button

2. In the navigation bar on the left, click Billing

3. Fill in the correct information


3). Adding additional members to the organisation

There are two ways of adding members to your organisation:

1. If the user does not already have a Fonn account, you can create a new account for them which will automatically be added to your org.


2. If the user already has an existing Fonn account, they need to be a member of any project within your organisation. So you should go ahead and create your first project.
When creating this project, it should say [Name of your organisation] under Workspace. 
This means that the project will be a part of your Organization, and you can get information from the org. as to how the document folders should function, and which modules should be activated by default.


Once the project is set up, go to Members and invite members to your project. Once members have accepted the invitation, they can be added to your org. from the Organisation panel. 

Click on the three dots icon next to the member's name and select Add to the organisation.


You will then be given an option if they should be added as a Member or an Administrator.

Members can not access the org. panel, but are given the option to add any projects they create into the organisation.

Administrators will have the same access level as you do.

You can also remove org. members from this list, by clicking the red X behind their role.



The Organisational panel:

Please review the organisation panel for options related to your projects.


Please contact your customer success manager for further assistance if necessary.


4). After the organisation setup has been completed

You and all other members of the organisation can now start creating projects.
If you created any projects before setting up your organisation, the settings done in the panel will not work retroactively. The projects can however be added to the organisation manually.

All projects created by a member of the organisation will be part of the organisation unless specifically selected to not be. Projects in the organisation will have the organisational logo present on the dashboard, and all settings in these projects will be based on organisational settings.

With newly created projects, you can now start using Fonn for your projects and communication. 
If you experience any problems or have any questions, be sure to look around at the other articles, or contact us directly through the live support chat in the bottom right corner.

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