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Einar Austlid
Einar Austlid
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This is an Action, and will require a Trigger for step #1. This guide will handle step #2 of the Zap.

After setting up step #1 of your zap, select Fonn as your app for step #2.

Select "Create Project" as your Action Event.


When selecting a Fonn account, Zapier will ask you for an application token.
If you are unsure on how to find your token in Fonn, click here.


Which data goes where?

* = Required


The name of the project.



Multiple choice dropdown menu.



Multiple choice dropdown menu.


Street address*

The address of the project.



The city of the project.


Post code*

The post code of the project.


Country code*

The country of the project in ISO-code format using only 2 letters.
Example: GB (United Kingdom), NO (Norway), US (United States)



Which state the project is located in


Project group ID

If the project should be created inside an existing project group, paste the project group ID here.


Project number

Project number of the project


External folder ID

ID of the external folder for the project. Only usable if you are using external folders.


Internal number

Internal identifier number of the project


Municipality number

Project Municipality number


Cadastral unit number

Project Cadastral unit number


Property unit number

Project property unit number


Leasehold unit number

Project unit number


Condominimum unit number


Project condominimum unit number


Irish National Postcode System number

Project Irish National Postcode System number


External ID

Project External ID



Project timezone
Example: Europe/Oslo, America/New_York, Europe/London



Project culture



Project description



After data has been filled in

You can now perform a test of your Zap. If you prefer not to test your Zap before activation, you can choose to skip test.


Your Zap is now ready for use!

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