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Einar Austlid
Einar Austlid
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This is an Action, and will require a Trigger for step #1. This guide will handle step #2 of the Zap.

After setting up step #1 of your zap, select Fonn as your app for step #2.

Select "Get Projects" as your Action Event.

When selecting a Fonn account, Zapier will ask you for an application token.
If you are unsure on how to find your token in Fonn, click here.


Which data goes where?

* = Required

Organization ID*

The ID of the organization which projects you want to view


Text filter

Any text that should be used to filter projects


Page number

How many pages of projects you want to fetch


Projects per page

How many projects per page




After data has been filled in

You can now perform a test of your Zap. If you prefer not to test your Zap before activation, you can choose to skip test.


Set up your third step, using the data you got from 'Get issues' and your Zap will be ready for use!

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