Zapier Example - SuperOffice New sale → Fonn project

Einar Austlid
Einar Austlid
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Setting up part one of the Zap.

1. Select 'SuperOffice CRM' as the app, and select 'New Sale' as the trigger event.


2. For Account, login to your SuperOffice account in the window that opens.



3. Zapier will fetch existing sales from SuperOffice, select one of these to give you a reference point for later.


4. Part one of your integration is now ready!




Setting up part two

1. Select 'Fonn' as the app, and 'Create Project' as the action event.



2. For Account you will require your Fonn API-token. If you are unsure of where to find it click here.



3. Under Customize Project you can use the data from the SuperOffice sale that was fetched in part one.
For this example we will use Sale Title as the name of the Fonn project. 
This means the name of the sale title in SuperOffice will be copied and used as the name of the new project.


4. Fill in the required fields under Customize Project, and any other fields you need. 
The full example looks like this:

5. Your Zap is now finished! Run a test to see if it works.
The test will use the data from the sale you selected in part one.


The finished Zap in action:


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