How do I create a custom form?

Einar Austlid
Einar Austlid
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- Creating a Custom Form Template

- Adding Sections to your Template

- Adding Fields to your sections

- Publishing your Template


Creating a Custom Form Template

To create a Custom Form Template, follow the instructions below:

*Custom Form Templates can only be made and managed by Org. Administrators



1. Click the Organization button in the top right corner to view the Organizational Panel. 



2. Click Forms in the navigation menu



3. in the forms section, click Add Template



4. Give your new template a Name and a description, and click Add Template.
The description will be visible at the top of the form while filling it out.




Adding sections to your Template

You can add as many Sections as you want, they are primarly used to separate the contents of your Form.


5. While inside your Template, click + Section to create a new section in your Form Template.
Give it a name, and check the box if the section name should also be used as the section title. Click Save.




Adding fields to your sections

Fields are where data is put into your forms. There are many different types of fields, click here to read more about our different types of fields


6. Click an existing Section to expand it, and click + Field to add a field to the selected Section.



7. Select Field Type and Field Label. You can also add a Field Description, but this is not required. Click Save.



8. Keep adding Sections and Fields until your Template is complete. 




Publishing your Template

9. You can use Preview to see how your form will look.


10. Once you are happy with your Template, click ← Go Back



11. Click the Checkbox under Publish/Unpublish to publish your Form Template.



12. Once published, this form will be available as a form when creating a new form in a project which is part of your org.



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