What are the different types of folders?

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Different types of folders

mceclip1.pngDefault folder

Default folders are automatically added to a project when it is created.
You can either use Fonn default folders, or custom default folders.

Custom default folders can be activated by:

  1. Go into the Organizational settings
  2. Documents
  3. Default Folders

If you want to create custom default folders click + Create template and enter a name, then create your template. The template will then be used for all future projects in the organization.



mceclip2.pngPrivate folder

When creating a new folder, you can select if it should be public or private.

If you make the folder private it can only be accessed by you, project managers and supervisors. You can give additional members access if you need to.



mceclip0.pngPublic folder

If you choose to create a public folder, it will be visible to all project members. Everyone with a role that lets them upload documents will be available to upload into this folder.



mceclip3.pngForms folder

This is a public folder where Forms are created and stored.

If this folder is not in your project you can activate it by:

  1. Go to Project Settings
  2. Select the Settings tab
  3. Scroll down to Enable forms, and select On

All members except clients can create Forms within the folder. Spectators can not access the folder.



mceclip4.pngSubmittals folder

Submittals are stored in this folder unless a different folder is added during creation of the Submittal.



mceclip5.pngOrganizational folder

Everyone in the project has access to this folder, but only Organizational administrators can add documents. Org. admins can add documents by simply going into any project in the org. and uploading files into the org. folder from there. The files will then be available in the same spot for all projects in the org.
The Organizational folder can be added by:

  1. Go into the Organizational Panel by clicking Organization
  2. Click Settings under Documents in the navigation menu on the left
  3. If you check for Organizational documents the organizational folder will be created in your projects





If you see a red dot next to a title, it means there are unseen changes within the folder.

Your role in a project determines which folders you can see and upload documents to.
Click here to see a role overview.

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