Generating a QR code

Einar Austlid
Einar Austlid
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Generating a QR code

QR codes are not generated directly through Fonn, so for this example we will be using,


1. Firstly, go to the place in the web application where you want the QR code take the person scanning the code. 
In this example we'll be using the front page of a project. This is the best place to link, when the QR code is used to help mobile users check in.




2. Click the URL, and copy (ctrl+c) the entire string.


3. Go to and paste(ctrl+v) the URL from step 2.

NOTE: The URL must be "" /ng/ should be removed in order to ensure the code will work on all devices.


4. Click Download .jpg, and wait for the image to be downloaded.



5. You can now print this image, and any user scanning the code will be taken to the correct place in the app, as long as the user has access to the project being scanned.

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