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- What will this Zap achieve?

- Setting up the Zap

- Step 1: Trigger

- Step 2: Action

- Step 3: Test and Activate



What will this Zap achieve?

When a document is uploaded to a project in your org. the document will also be uploaded to Dropbox. 
In this example, the document in Dropbox will be placed inside a top level folder with the same name as the project where the document was uploaded in Fonn. A sub folder with the name of the folder in Fonn where the document was uploaded will be created. The document name and contents will remain the same as what was uploaded in Fonn.



The free version of Zapier allows for a maximum of 100 unique tasks each month, this means that after 100 documents each month the Zap will no longer run. If you expect this Zap would run more than 100 times per month, a subscription to Zapier is recommended, to avoid gaps in document duplication.


Setting up the Zap

New to Zapier? Look at this article first


Step 1: Trigger

The trigger for this Zap will be "New Document" in Fonn, causing the Action of the Zap to run each time a New Document is added in the organization.

Choose app & event

Select Fonn as the app, and New Document as the Trigger Event



Choose account

This is where you enter your API token from Fonn.
If you are unsure where you can generate and find your token, please click here.


Set up trigger

In this step, you will need your Organizational ID. 
You can copy this ID from the URL when you are in your org. panel in the Fonn app

It will be the unique code between organization/ and /dashboard, the code will have a format like so: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
This ID must be from the same organization as you generated the Token from.


Test trigger

If the steps above where implemented correctly, the test should return something like this:mceclip4.png


Step 2: Action

The action is what will occur once the Trigger is triggered.

Choose app & event

Select Dropbox as the app, and Upload File as the Action Event



Choose account

Click on the field and follow the instructions to connect your Dropbox account with Zapier. 
If you do not have a Dropbox account, you can also create a new one.



Set up action

Here you are free to experiment, and use the fields to get your preferred outcome.

To get the same results as the video at the top of this article, set up the action like this:
Note: the fields with a Fonn or Dropbox Logo infront of them are selected from a list, not typed in. You can select from this list by left clicking the respective field. Everything in this action is selected from this list, with the exception of the "/" in the first field, which is typed in manually.





It is up to you if documents with identical names should be overwritten or not


Specify File Name:


Specify File Extension:


Step 3: Test and Activate

The intial test should be skipped, since it does not have an actual document from your org. to test with. 
After skipping the test, you can activate your Zap.



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