Resolving location errors in Geofencing setup

Paul Hoemke
Paul Hoemke
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When setting up Fonn’s geofencing feature for Check-Ins using Chrome on MacOS (“Localization”), you may encounter an error that “Geolocation was denied due to missing permission”, or “Geolocation failed due to at least one source of position error” when using the “Pan to current location” option.

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This error occurs when the Location Services in the MacOS Privacy System Preferences have either not been set up, or when a MacOS update requires you to configure them again. You may be prompted when your location is requested.

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In order to allow Chrome to get your location, you will need to “Enable Location Services” for Chrome in the System Preferences (Security & Privacy).


(If you do not wish to allow Chrome to use your location, navigate manually to the project location using the map controls, rather than using the “Pan to current location” option.)

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