How do I use the Time Card in Fonn?

Paul Hoemke
Paul Hoemke
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Tap the Time Card button (middle button) from the navigation bar:



Select the day where you want to fill out your Time Card.



Find and open the project where you want to track time with the down arrow. Tap 🕘 to log time to General work, or tap to “Add new activity” to log time against specific Scope of Works / Scope of Works items from the project.



To add a new activity not listed, search for your assigned items, and tap to add it for tracking.


Quickly add time by 15-minutes increments (and set an optional time classification if needed) and ‘Log time’ to save the activity.




Find Time Card on the sidebar:


Add an activity for the week: Search for the activity from Scope of Works items assigned to you, or from all Scope of Works items; add the time tracks, and save the activity.

Repeat for other activities as needed.

At the end of the week, “Send for approval” if using the approval workflow:




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