What is Single Sign-on (SSO),how do I activate it, and how do I use it to sign into Fonn?

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What is SSO?

SSO allows users in your Organization to sign in using Microsoft accounts. So if you are using for example Outlook for your company, users can sign in using the credentials of their Microsoft account, instead of having separate Fonn credentials.


How do I enable SSO for Fonn?

SSO needs to be enabled by a system administrator, so please contact Fonn if this is something your Organization would like to use. 
Once enabled, all members of your org. will be able to sign in using SSO.


How do I use SSO once activated?


SSO sign-ins use a different URL when signing in. This means instead of going to the regular app.fonn.io to use Fonn, you will have to add /login-sso/ behind the URL.
So the full URL should read: app.fonn.io/login-sso/

The page will then allow you to choose which existing type of account you want to sign in with:



Select the type you want, and sign in using your existing account on the selected platform.



SSO through our mobile application does not require the user to use a separate URL, instead it will automatically check if the user is part of an organisation with SSO enabled once the email has been filled out.

If SSO is enabled, Fonn will open the devices default browser, and will check if credentials of the selected SSO provider are already saved in the browser. 

If they are, the Fonn app will re-open and the user is automatically signed in.

If they are not, the user is taken to a website where they will sign in with their selected provider account. Once the sign-in is completed, the Fonn app re-opens and the user is automatically signed in.

Unless the user manually signs out of the account in their browser, following sign-ins will not require the user to enter their credentials in the browser.

NOTE: In order to sign in using SSO, the emails used on both platforms must match.
Example: I have a Microsoft account with the address "first.last@email.com" and a Fonn account created with "last.first@email.com". If I use SSO and sign into my Microsoft account, I will not be signed in to Fonn because the emails are different.

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